Friday, August 17, 2007

Sanders Family Vacation 2007

We just returned from our first family vacation yesterday... It was awesome! We went to Arkansas to visit friends and enjoy the outdoors. We got to enjoy the lake on monday thanks to a generous friend of our friends who owned a boat. Two years of no wakeboarding and Derek got out there and ripped it up like usual. Presley actually got on the surfboard behind the boat with Derek and myself and surfed between our legs. Crazy! We got home and have been plotting our plan of aqquring a boat of our own because it is just so fulfilling for us. We'll see. :) We did have an amazing time and were sad to leave our friends Amber and Greg and family behind but work and life doesnt stay on hold too long even for vacation.

(Lake pics from top: Derek and Presley on surfboard (2); Presley and I; Mindy trying to carve the wake; the Hyperlite advertisement were going to try to sell to them; the beautiful sunset and glass water from the lake;Presley giving Dad a kiss; )

We also got to enjoy an evening of mexican food with Amber, Greg, and Carolyn without the kids. Thanks again, to another very generous person from their church who watched all 5 of the kids....brave soul dont you think?

Greg is a firefighter in Benton AR so a trip to the firestation was definatley in order. We had to bribe Presley with a sucker to put on the fire gear and pose for a few pics. Eli (Amber & Greg's youngest) was the perfect tour guide for showing Presley around the fire house. They played until it was time to get on the road to head back to Houston. We said our goodbyes and had actually a pretty nice drive, long, but nice. Hope all is well!