Sunday, October 05, 2008

Here comes October

Well, here comes another October. This, to me, means that I am in need of some new holiday recipes and should start spreadsheeting christmas gift lists and christmas budgets. :) Seems like as soon as they put the costumes out for sale in the stores, I am hanging stockings from the mantle and watching the dvd special of The Christmas Story on constant re-run.
Whew, well, here is a short update on the Sanders family 101-
Ryder and Presley are officially gunning for the position of cutest kids in the world... :) Ha, I gladly accept all responses defending their children's title, and humbly accept that my perspective is jaded.
Derek is busy with not only the consulting but also the website. Check it out and send any critical or complimentary comments. But, most of all, please PRAY, for it's sucess and the loss of ourselves in it. I find that the most awesome thing about this project tends to be the moments that I am struck dumb and speechless with humility when I realize in the moment, that God has chosen to use someone so unworthy to share the truth about Him. I always tell Derek that, regardless of the sucess of the business, even if it fails tomorrow, we have been privy to the Lord's will in many people's lifes. Not privy in any other way but that we got to see it, and that is an awesome feeling.

This last week we went to the fair and Presley rode the ferris wheel and was entertained by the parade and dog show. Ryder, well, Ryder just survived it :) He got bitten on the tip of his left ear the night before we went and it swelled up so large that I rushed him to the pediatrician and found out that it was a simple mosquito bite in an ugly spot. Poor guy was fine with some benadryl but had a very deformed ear for all of the pics. It most definitley gave us a sense of gratitude so deep, realizing that we have two healthy children, even to the point of physical deformities. His ear healed and life goes on, and for that, once again, we realize we are emmensley blessed.

I hope everyone is well!


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