Tuesday, October 07, 2008

This week...

Here we go, on another week! We are so busy that I am starting to understand what the term 90-miles per minute feels like... :) I am starting to realize that this site can be quite therapeutic so hopefully there will be more updates!

I have been pretty busy this week trying to tie up loose ends with the website. We actually have our first public event this weekend at one of the largest local races of the year. The purse for this race is $10,000! Needless to say this even should turn out some serious crowds with the increased number of riders. I am very excited (and sometimes slightly petrified) about this event, but I am prayerful that it is not in my hands. I received some very sound advice from a friend and mentor tonight, essentially reminding me that all things are beyond my reach from the beginning, they never were under my control and to worry about them does nothing. God intends for us to experience His peace despite the "storms." I know that I am by no means experiencing the traditional storm but it still seems that I get confused sometimes when life is literally moving so fast and we seem to be so committed to all of these different directions. :) I digress. Most importantly, I mean to explain that God is good. We, I, have been so blessed this week to find myself blessed with not only one child but two healthy children and a husband whom I truly adore and whom amazes me daily. I find myself wondering how he can be so calm at times, but I then find the biggest most amazing blessing, that my husband, is doing what he is supposed to be doing, he is leading us. I could not be happier. :)


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